Monday, October 5, 2009

What Have You Done for Yourself Lately?

I went to a group called The Parent Connection this afternoon and the facilitator asked a good question: "What have you done for yourself since your baby was born?". For myself? Sometimes I am lucky to get a shower in. How do you take time to think about yourself when you have someone depending on your 24/7? Most of the time I feel guilty if I spend time doing something I enjoy because there is always something "more important" to do.

As I thought about this question, I realized that it is important to spend time on yourself. It is important for your sanity and so that you don't forget what it is that you enjoy doing. This is why I am challenging you to do one thing for yourself every day this week. It can be something as small as taking a bath or asking your significant other to watch the baby while you go to the store. I would love for you to leave a comment about what you did this week for yourself to serve as an inspiration for other moms.

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tiffany said...

Saturday afternoon I had a girls afternoon out: after getting my hair done I met up with a friend and we got our eyebrows threaded (which hurt really bad, but they looked great afterwards). We then went to fresh market to get yummy treats, and then headed to starbucks for coffee and a nice chat. It was the longest I had been away from my baby since she was born 8 weeks ago. I only realized after I got back home and realized how recharged I was that I REALLY needed that afternoon away!