Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Homemade Baby Food

After checking out the prices for baby food at the grocery store, I have decided to make my own. I know that many of you may not have the time or desire to make baby food, but if you are interested I have found a site that is very helpful.


This site charts when you should start different foods and gives directions and recipes for making the food. To make your own baby food there are just a few basics you need to get started:
  1. Food processor or baby mill (I purchased a Black & Decker food processor for about $30 at Walmart)
  2. Ice Cube Trays
  3. Freezer Storage Bags

The best thing about making baby food is that you can make it up to a month ahead of time, freeze, and then thaw as needed. I have started looking through the weekly grocery ads to find when the fresh fruits/veggies are on sale. I cook the foods as recommended, mash or puree, and divide into ice cube trays to freeze. After frozen you can put the cubes in freezer bags. That's it! It really is simple and is a very cost effective way to feed your baby.

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