Saturday, November 14, 2009

Babies-How Expensive Are They?

I knew that it would be an added expense to have my daughter, but I never realized how much money I would spend during the first year. First there was the baby gear, then the clothing, next the baby food, and now formula.

If you are planning on having a baby or have just had one, it is a good idea to make a baby budget. I have found some great resources to assist you in planning for your little wad of cash (a.k.a. bundle of joy):

Baby Center: Baby Cost Calculator

Money Smart Life: Baby Expense Budgeting Can You Afford to Have Kids?

Remember that there are many ways that you can cut back on the costs of having a child. Here are a few ideas that I have found helpful:

  • Clip/Print coupons. Check out and for weekly printable coupons.

  • Sign up for email/mail savings from companies like Huggies, Enfamil, Similac, Gerber, etc
  • Borrow larger toys like bouncers, jumpers, exersaucers, etc. from friends who aren't currently using theirs (check out this post for more toy savings ideas)

  • Buy clothing from a secondhand shop

  • Breastfeed as long as possible (I found out this month just how expensive formula is!)

  • Make your own baby food (check out this post for more details)
Please leave comments with more ideas about how to save on first year baby expenses!

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Stuff Parents Need said...

Yard sales are the way to go for babies. I can't imagine what I would have spent if I had bought all the clothes for my baby brand new. I have way too many clothes for her now, and I paid $1 or less for the vast majority of her pieces! If they get ruined, it doesn't bother me because I know I didn't spend a small fortune on them!